25 March 2011

bryan adams

* several of these have embedding turned off so you'll have to watch them from the playlist or on youtube.

"kids wanna rock/summer of '69"
live aid 1985
jfk stadium philadelphia, pennsylvania
introduction by jack nicholson
for a couple of bucks you get a weird haircut and waste your life away ... sometimes when i pick my ol six-string, think about you wonder what went wrong ...
"cuts like a knife"
live aid
there's times i've been mistaken, there's times i've thought i've been misunderstood, oh yeah, so wait a minute darlin' cant you see we've did the best we could
"straight from the heart"
live acoustic undated
what'd ya say?
"this time"
music video
i thought of every word i'd say ... give or take a few
live music video
and the winners are losers i see it every night
"run to you"
music video
yeah now
bryan adams unplugged
live acoustic
i'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven