22 March 2011

new reason for removal of col. gaddafi: he spoke of israel's involvement in the jfk assassination

someone found this video which was added to youtube on 20 july 2010 in which in a part of his 11 june 2008 speech, col. gaddafi speaks to the israeli involvement in the jfk assassination and are speculating that this is the real reason that gaddafi must go.

speculation of the israeli involvement in the kennedy assassination is nothing new. col. gaddafi also mentioned it in his 23 september 2009 address to the united nations.

this meme might have had some credibility if it wasnt already reported that col. gaddafi himself is a jew.

the likely reason for the military strikes on libya is to weaken or take out the revolutionaries in order to allow gaddafi to remain in power or to buy time in case he is "killed" or forced to flee the country until a new israeli puppet can be selected to run libya.

far more interesting is col. gaddafi's remarks about president obama such as

"along came a black citizen of kenyan african origins, a muslim, who had studied in an islamic school in indonesia. his name is obama and the people in the arabic and islamic world and in africa applauded this man.

they welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the american presidency.

but we were taken by surprise when our african, kenyan brother, who is an american national made statements that shocked all his supporters in the arab world."
col. gaddafi seems to be attempting to reinforce the belief that president obama was born in africa and that he is a muslim. this is just another stupid trick.

by now, common sense and even mediocre powers of observation should lead anyone to conclude that president obama is not a muslim (that's not to say that he is a christian either) and that anyone who is promoting that belief is either a liar or a paid agent