15 March 2011

tulane university legislative scholarships 2010 - 2011

Tulane University Legislative Scholarship Recipients 2010-11

click here to download this chart directly from tulane.edu website. three page .pdf [28 kb]

someone should ask district # 27 representative chris hazel why he is awarding a tulane legislative scholarship to someone from baton rouge. arent there any worthy recipients from his own district?

looks like state senator francis thompson and state representative austin badon teamed up to award scholarships to twin sisters from monroe. if you live in rep. badon's district you should 'ax him if he even knows where monroe is.

it appears that lanie sansing is all set to get a totally free tulane degree, for what that's worth -- oh about a quarter million dollars, thanks to being repeatedly awarded a tulane legislative scholarship courtesy of state representative chris roy, jr.

ms. sansing is the daughter of sam sansing who besides being a roy campaign fund contributor is scheduled to share in a $3.75 million dollar settlement for the role a company that he is or was a party to called energy management services, l.l.c., played in the famous or infamous city of alexandria vs cleco fraud lawsuit.

yet another attorney h.craig davidson in frequent comments (like the one below) to the gannett/the town talk strongly implies that the settlement as well as how the lawsuit was handled by the city of alexandria is extremely shady.

the guy that facilitated the settlement in question is city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques m. roy. mayor roy is the brother of state representative chris roy, jr.

you see in louisiana when you're a member of what the late comedian george carlin referred to as "the big club," it's a small world.