29 August 2010

FLASHBACK chocolateville .mp3

originally posted: 30 january 2006

**updated** 4:10 pm cst thursday 02 march 2006

a visitor emailed us this morning to let us know that the creator of the Chocolateville song is Chuck Redden. we emailed mr redden for confirmation and just received word from him, below is the text of his email to us:

(ps thanks angela for putting us on the right track)

From: Sunny 105.7 FM
To: wesawthat@gmail.com
Date: Mar 2, 2006 4:05 PM
Subject: Chocolateville

This is Chuck Redden, I own and operate radio station's KWJM and KMBS in Monroe, La.
I am indeed the author and creator of the Chocolateville parody song and also the "New Battle Of New Orleans" heard on Walton and Johnson, and other radio stations around the state.

A 'tamer' Ray Stevens version of that song which I also wrote for Country Radio is shipping to radio this week and debuting on the "Jeff Foxworthy Countdown"

Prior to this I also was the creator and writer of "Trial #3" about the Edwin Edwards Trial which was popular in New Orleans in 2000.

My affiliations are with BMI and Curb records/Nashville

Thanks for you interest.

Chuck Redden

lmao! someone sent jeff crouere this catchy tune over the weekend and he played it today on his show ringsidepolitics.com -
must hear

by Chuck Redden

lyrics (the best we can tell)

swiggin a forty
at my crib in new orleans
watchin the mayor on the tee vee
he say da city gone come back
and dat itz gonna be mo black
well ya know dat sounds good to me

coz i am
chillin wit my homies right here in chocolateville
(uh huh)
it aint nothing but one big hood
all we are is this one hershey bar and ya know
(ya know)
that its all good

dont want no french vanillia
(no french vanilla)
no swiss mocha either
(swiss mocha either)
just bring on the fudge and the oreos
(bring on the oreos)

got to get back to lootin
got to get back to shootin
got to get back to dealing and running ho's
(running ho's) (running ho's)

iam chillin wit my homies here in chocolateville
(uh huh)
oh it aint nothing but one big hood
and all we are is one big hershey bar
oh and you know its all good

chill now brother

look out

oh when dem saints
oh when dem saints
oh when dem saints come marching in
we gonna look like one great big snickers
when dem saints come back again

now dont you call me no racist
(you aint no racist)
i likes all colored faces
(all colored faces)
black brown and tan even caramel
(and some peach and maybe maroon)
i like cream in my coffee
(cream in my coffee)
i like a light shade of toffee
(a little brown sugar)
hazelnut honey mustard and taco shell
(oh we going south side the border now)

chillin wit my homies here in chocolateville
aww it aint nothing but one big hood
(one. big. hoooood)
and all we are is one big hershey bar
dont you know baby its all good
(livin in chocolateville)

baby its all good
its all good

hear chocolateville now

ringside politics online radio stream

link to hi-res audio/download page
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