13 August 2010

george michael in trouble again

if media reports are true, the singer george michael has one bizarre personal life.

irregardless of (or looking back maybe because of ) his personal life, george michael was along with few others a towering figure in the 1980's - early 1990's pop & new wave music genres. we would like to think that this was due to his talent as a singer-songwriter-musician and not so much because of his personal life.

even so, some may dislike mr. michael now because he -- as they say, came out as a homosexual or bisexual or whatever, later in his career instead of being upfront from the beginning.

they say "aww he's just singing 'bout mens 'n shit." it's quite possible that this is true. however, our experiences with and memories of george michael music involved women not mens. so there.

some george michael music we could have done without -- one that immediately comes to mind is "i want your sex." mostly because it was way over played and the video sucked.

"freedom 90" was allowed to become over commercialized as well. although, the version we found with the african choir and arraignment would have been a hit too. looks like homeboy back-up singer in the middle was really enjoying it.


"somebody to love"
the freddie mercury tribute concert
20 april 1992 wembley stadium, london, england
so please for god's sake and for freddie's sake and for your own sakes please be careful alright?
"wake me up before you go go"
wham! 1984
choose life
"freedom '90"
mtv unplugged
october 1996 three mills studios london, england
all we have to do ... now ... is take these lies and make them true ... somehow
"praying for time"
13 august 1990 experimental music video
... you cling to the things they sold you did you cover your eyes when they told you he cant come back cause he has no children to come back for ...
cd version
#1 usa 27 august - 03 september 1988
dont look now there's a monkey on your back
wham! april 1985
workers' gymnasium
beijing, china
long form music video filmed during wham!'s april 1985 ground-breaking 10-day visit to china, the first by a western pop group.
but to know that i'll forgive you just this one. twice. forever. cause baby you could take me to hell and back just as long as we're together and you do.