08 August 2010

iran launches 4 ghadir submarines into persian gulf

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moments ago following a formal naval ceremony, the iranian navy launched four ghadir submarines into the persian gulf from their naval base at bandar abbas.

these submarines are reported to be "totally domestically built," and "undetectable by sonar." the iranians say that even more submarines are to be launched in the coming days.

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Four Ghadir submarines join Iran fleet

Amid efforts to boost security in the Persian Gulf, the Iranian Navy has been equipped with four domestic-made Ghadir class mini submarines.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Vahidi hailed the delivery as a sign of progress in Iranian military ingenuity.

Brig. Gen. Vahidi said that the stealth submarine is capable of launching torpedoes as well as precision targeting.

"The mass production of this strategic vessel has been carried out with the aim of increasing the defense capabilities of the Naval Forces … and today four advanced Ghadir submarines joined the Iranian naval fleet.”

The Ghadir submarine was first unveiled in 2007. The 120-ton vessel has excellent shallow depth performance, and can carry out long-term coastal missions. The Iranian fleet currently has 11 Ghadir submarines.

Aside from three Russian-built Kilo class diesel submarines, the Iranian Navy also operates another homemade 500-ton submarine in its patrol missions in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

“With the mass production of this submarine alongside various guided-missile launchers the country's defensive production chain is complete, and these capabilities will be used to served peace, stability and security in the Persian Gulf region and the Sea of Oman," he added.

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pictures and info of 10 nuclear attack submarines including: rubis class - france; victor iii class - russia; sea wolf class - usa; virginia class - usa; trafalgar class - united kingdom; others. run silent run deep go navy.