03 August 2010

serious clash on israel - lebanon border

at least four lebanese including three soldiers and a senior israeli officer are killed in clashes in southern lebanon

clash began at noon local time between israeli and lebanese armed forces

the lebanese army asked the lebanese militia (hezbollah) to exercise restraint, which they said they did. the next time, the lebanese militia promises not to use restraint when the occupation jews attack.

the lebanese people were also reportedly demanding a larger response against israel.

apparently, today's violation of lebanese sovereignty by the israelis, was a test from which the israelis were stunned by the lebanese army's swift, sure response within its courageous stance, despite the israelis overpoweringly superior air force.

for now things are calm on the border as it appears that unifil has succeeding in coordinating between the israeli army and the lebanese army in restoring calm and maintaining resolution 1701.

aired from 0030 tehran time wednesday 04 august 2010
1500 cdt tuesday 03 august 2010


worst clash since the 2006 war. lebanese army was involved not hezbollah.

a lebanese journalist was killed in the cross fire. israeli helicopters attacked from the air.

lebanese army said the israelis attempted to remove a tree to install a camera on lebanon's territory. israel disputed the claim saying they were involved in routine maintenance.

unifil will investigate to determine which side violated resolution 1701. lebanon and israel are still officially at war. tensions have been rising in recent weeks. the clash lasted for hours and was the most serious in years.