21 August 2010

UPDATED iran starts loading bushehr plant with nuclear fuel

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saturday 21 august 2010


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political commentator and journalist ghanbar naderi provides commentary and some history into iran's atomic energy organization and what today's developments mean for iran politically.

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saturday 21 august 2010

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sergei kiriyenko, director, russia atomic energy agency and ali akbar salehi, director, iran's atomic energy organization, hold a joint news conference on the occasion of the inauguration of the bushehr nuclear power plant. it will be the first nuclear power reactor to generate electricity in the middle east.

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saturday 21 august 2010
the nuclear powered electricity generating plant at bushehr began construction around 1974.

germany [siemens] had originally contracted with the shah to build the bushehr plant and were building it until the victory of the 1979 islamic revolution.

afterwards, germany, under pressure from "israel" and israel's bitch, the united states, was forced to withdraw from iran abandoning the project.

in the 1980s, firms from spain, argentina and germany formed a consortium of companies in hopes of negotiating a deal to complete the bushehr reactor, but again israel and its bitch stopped the deal.

in 1995 russia negotiated an agreement with iran to complete bushehr. russia really hit a home-run economically speaking. iran paid them billions of dollars to finish constructing bushehr. then the russians get paid to supervise it, supply it with all its nuclear rods, then they get paid to carry away the spent fuel which they can then refine into nuclear weapons.

the first 163 nuclear fuel rods began loading into the reactor core earlier today. this fueling up process will be complete around 05 september 2010 and within two - three months bushehr will be producing electricity to southern iran.

mr. salehi said that iran is willing to share surplus electricity with their neighbors.