11 August 2010

UPDATE: CAUGHT more on winn parish jail escapees

UPDATE: kalb.com Winn Parish Inmates Have Been Caught

the repeaters over at gannett/the town talk, say that around 6:30 am cdt this morning, winn parish jail trustees thomas ray may and jamie d. malone escaped.

they are not considered dangerous and reportedly have relations in winn, rapides, lasalle and caldwell parishes.
Ray was serving time for carnal knowledge of a juvenile, and Malone was in for two counts of drug possession. ~ read more
... and now ...
This rest of the story: The retarded deputies at the WPSO all left out of town on a call that there was a wreck out of town. No details mind you, just a call that there is a wreck.

There was a Louisiana State Police Trooper working and he and 1 deputy could have checked on this report but Deputy Etheridge called out rescue units, emergency medical ambulance, Jaws of Life, Fire Dept. and it turned out that it was a bogus call probably made by the escapees to cover their get-a-way! We really do have the "KEY STONE COPS" up at the WPSP! LOL!

There is no leadership at the WPSO, NONE! There is no “Chief Deputy”! Patrol Supervisor James Hamon has no law enforcement experience and Sheriff Bodie Little is to busy lining his pockets with our tax dollars to worry about a lack of leadership on his team! He is to worried about when he and his family can take another vacation trip on our tax dollars!

2012 can’t get here fast enough!

Paul Harvey
UPDATE: alex hinckley's 6:58 pm cdt update on kalb.com seems to confirm some of this comment.
thomas ray may
jamie d. lemoine
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