28 August 2010

vote in historic libertarian party primary today


As you probably know, Louisiana will hold a Libertarian primary on August 28 for the purpose of choosing the Libertarian Party's nominee for U.S. Senator.

This will be the first third party primary held in Louisiana since at least the 1910's.

Since the Louisiana Legislature passed a law this year abolishing party primaries for future years, this will also be the last third party primary in Louisiana for the foreseeable future.

We have, then, a rare opportunity to let the voters know that there are choices beyond the limits imposed by the Republicans and the Democrats.

I hope that you will consider voting in the Libertarian primary.

Whether you vote for me or for Tony Gentile, you will be sending a message to the political establishment that the people are dissatisfied with the intrusive polices of both major political parties and have begun to look elsewhere for rational government.

Thank you,

Randall Todd Hayes,
Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate
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originally posted 17 july 2010