20 August 2010

policeabusedotcom: "rapides parish sheriff office abuse "

we really dont start out looking for these things. earlier we added another wild honeybee video clip to youtube; after we navigated to its watch page to see how it viewed, we noticed the above videos in the right hand side suggested videos field.

the first video, is an interview added by youtuber, policeabusedotcom2, the youtube channel of www.policeabuse.com and the police complaint center. they operate as part of an investigative team of current and former police officers who report on and investigate citizen allegations of police corruption.

diop kamau née don jackson a former hawthorne, california, policeman is its founder and executive director.

mr. kamau interviews ms. michelle trottie. her statement below is from video description:

Victim's statement: Officer Kim Hall was call on the scene around six something in the morning on November 12, 2009. About a fight that occured on the bus stop between kids.

Two of the kids was my daughter Tillerria Howard and my neighbor Arionna Roy.

When officer kim Hall was in contact with me and my children. Officer kim hall didn't come to us right,he came to us using verbal abusive remarks, telling them to get there asses out the car, and as of now both of you are under arrest.

He also told me if I move my car he was going to take all our asses to jail, I was very upset because my 5 year old daughter was in the car and had to hear officer kim hall talk to us that way.

officer kim hall let me move my car so i can take my 5 yr old daughter home out the streets, kim Hall came into my home telling my kids he don't want to hear a dame thing they have to say, and told them to sit thier asses down at the table and shut the hell up.

He also stated to us that he is tired he have been doing this shit for 12 years,and that my kids are going to court no matter what happen.

My kids was still trying to tell him their side of the story and kim hall stated to them i told you all to shut the hell up. I stated to officer kim that he have no right to curse my children like that and stated to him it always have two sides of a story and my children have the right to tell there side.

He still stated to them that he doesn't want to hear a dame thing from them due to the fact that the other young girl that came off of her bus stop to fight my daughter have bruseis in her face, he didnt care about how my daughter face looked.

Make it short officer kim hall was very disrespectul and rude in my home to me and my kids with the cursing. kim hall was very unprofessional with the way he did his job.

We are u.s. citizens and we should be treated right.

I just don't understand why officer kim hall think he have the right to do unlawfully things to citizens while he is wearing that uniform.

I pray that someone take my statement very serious because if officer kim hall did this to me and my kids no telling what else he will do or say to another u.s. citizen when he is in a bad move or when he get a call that time of the morining.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. from Michelle Trottie.

P.s they wouldn't let me file my compliant at the shrieff office, they was giving me the run aroud.

He also gave my son marlonzo trottie a cititation to go to court and he had nothing to do with anthing that was going on.

Now I can rest.

the second video appears to be a portion of a follow-up telephone call from mr. kamau about ms. trottie's allegations with an official from the rapides parish sheriff's office.

the third video is a video link "expert witness statement" from a mr. glen "legendary dago" eby (phonetic) to mr. kamau. it has something to do about an incident involving the rapides parish sheriff's office and mr. eby that occurred on 16 january 2009.

among other things that came out in the statement was that mr. eby had previously been accused and then beaten up by some apd officers they suspected him of being a rat for [rpso chief] ronnie sellers -- mr. eby's cousin.

the fouth video is part two of mr. eby's witness statement.

these videos have been online since july and november of 2009 and have collectively received slightly over 1,000 views.