06 August 2010

a visit from lena horne

back in the day friday nights were alright. on tee vee, was sanford and son, chico and the man and finally the rockford files.

after rockford, (apparently, we didnt stay up very often for policewoman) then you knew that it was just a few hours of sleep before sunrise and the saturday morning cartoon shows. if you were lucky you could watch them until like 9:00 or 10 am before you had to go outside and do something.

anyway, lena horne passed away back in may, aged 92; while we arent certain that we saw episode # 30 of sanford and son when it originally aired on 12 january 1973, we know we've seen it many times in syndication.

when this episode aired, 'the horne' was 55 years old and as you can see in rare form.

Fast-thinking Fred fools Lena Horne into visiting the Sanford home after he spins her a sob story about little lame Lamont who looks upon Lena as a second mother. ~ source the internet movie database