14 August 2010

russian wildfires

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russian news-babe, natalie sedletska, reports that the russian wildfires are causing big trouble for russian citizenry and the government.

many fear that the fire at chernobyl will stir up radioactive particles in the ground and send them into the atmosphere.

apparently, pootie poot and his side-kick dmitry medvedev, have ordered the russian media and medical establishment to under-report or misreport the threat to russia's nuclear facilities and the high mortality rate because of the fires.

so far, the russian government will only own up to 53 deaths directly attributable to the fires.

the wildfires also threaten another russian nuclear installation near the "secret nuclear town of sarov."

the russian government is facing a severe credibility crisis because of its perceived "mishandling of the situation."

sounds like this russian wildfire is their version of our deepwater horizon oil catastrophe. the release of nuclear particles from the burning of forests laden by radioactive fallout of the chernobyl disaster and the possibility of other nuclear sites burning seems to correlate to all the reports and speculations about the release of benzene, methane and other poisonous volatile organic compounds from the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe.