18 December 2006

alexandria town talk prints pro-zionist views as slanted news

talk about a slanted news story. on saturday 16 december 2006 the town talk printed a so called news story by tom bonnette captioned "Rabbi: Iranian president should be taken seriously." this "news" article is mostly b.s. because the reporter doesnt even bother to try and give any alternative views whatsoever.

for instance, mr. bonnette, naturally, doesnt pass up the opportunity to mention that david duke attended "the holocaust - global vision" however, mr. bonnette fails to mention that it was also attended by a delegation of rabbi's and torah scholars from neturei karta including rabbi yisroel dovid weiss, rabbi yisroel feldman and r. aharon cohen and that all three gave speeches to the holocaust conference.

one can only conclude that the town talk isnt interested or capable of fairness and truth in its reporting because by printing this propaganda under the guise of news it is promoting the myth that all jews are zionists when this simply isnt the case.

the fact is, is that the alexandria daily town talk practices a form of anti-semitism when it gives voice only to zionism which is an atheistic, nationalistic movement totally opposed to biblical (torah) judaism. further evidence that the town talk is a zionist tool is by their continued printing of patently false "your mail" letters as chronicled by the cenlamar blog here and here.

the "news" story by tom bonnette ends with a quote from the talmud which is interesting because the talmud also calls mary the mother of jesus a whore and claims that jesus christ himself is a heretic and is in hell boiling in a cauldron of "hot semen". Gittin 57a

dont be deceived the "enemy" isnt some muslim goat herders in palestine. the enemy is according to rabbi's and torah scholars -- world zionism.

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