02 December 2006

getitdone meeting in alexandria


today, we received by snail mail a pamphlet from louisiana state senator walter boasso's "get it done la" organization of which the symbolism of their logo i.e. "getting nailed" isnt lost on us either.

anyway, they are having their "next town hall meeting" at alexandria, louisiana at 1:00 pm cst, thursday, 07 december 2006 at the bolton avenue community center [map].

so who is get it done louisiana? well, according to the pamphlet:
founded by state senator walter boasso, get it done louisiana is a grassroots, people-powered group of concerned citizens. we are dedicated to rebuilding our state, increasing participation in the governing process, and bringing accountability to state government. you can make the bureaucrats and politicians provide real results instead of hollow rhetoric by getting involved today!
now this sounds nice and all, however, to our way of thinking the more logical thing to do would be to turn out the bureaucrats and politicians that arent listening to the people and replacing them with those who will. but what do we know?

what we do know is that a good place to start would be in reforming louisiana's lousy republican party leadership.