31 December 2006

Ford's Forgotten Eulogy

we too wonder how many millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent transporting this guys corpse around the country. ford was never even an elected president.
Ford Eulogy Should Tell Of
The East Timor Massacre
Judith Moriarty

The nation will be subjected to six days of watching a corpse being dragged around the country! I would like to know who gave one sob for the hundreds of thousands slaughtered in East Timor. Bet Ford won't be remembered for this 'accomplishment'!!

Here we go again, making a famous personage (President Ford) into some larger than life American hero ­ His minister sobbed, "He and Betty are the folks Heaven was made for"others lauded his 'healing of the nation', 'a gentle, kind man ­ of great integrity'. Blah blah blah. Now that he's dead he has the 'courage' to leave a written note about the being against the Iraq (invasion) war.

For the next week, (much like the Reagan debacle) we'll see his body dragged all over the nation ­ and moved from pillar to post in Washington ­ such is the pageantry that surrounds our favorite occupation in this country ­ death.

What's missing in all these poignant tales is that Ford gave us Cheney and Rumsfeld (on his White House staff) ­ and appointed Bush the first, as head of the CIA. Also missing in the sappy news stories; was this kind, gentle, healer's visit to Indonesia, with Kissinger in 1975. This visit (unreported in U.S. press) by Ford and Kissinger gave the green light to demonic President Suharto of Indonesia to invade East Timor; which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of East Timor landless peasants (pictures much too sickening to show). This was the worst massacre of the 20th century. The sin of these lowly peasants, as in any land invaded, is the wealth they possessed in their resources of oil, nickel, gold, and cooper.

American and European consortium's divided up the nickel reserves. America, France and Japan got the forests. The big prize, East Timor's gold (largest in world) and its copper went to American giant (Kissinger on its board of directors) Freeport McMoran. These mines are now guarded by Indonesian troops. ­ America supplied the weapons that slaughtered the multitudes of peasants; through both Republican and Democratic regimes in the U.S.Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Bush, and yes the 'healer' Ford, all contributed multi millions in arms/planes/helicopters ----

I don't suppose they'll be any reading of the 'new evidence' of President Suharto's meeting with Ford and Kissinger in 1975 (day before slaughter began). Since there has been zero (maybe a few lines) of this horrific massacre over the years ­ it's not surprising that few will care today ­ too bad, because this greed is repeating itself in Iraq (greater region) for the love of oil this time..National Security Archive scan down until you see China & East Asia - Ford's real EULOGY: