03 December 2006

"a white woman and a cadillac"

field negro has written another great post which shows us how some things that were funny in our youth arent so funny when we are all grown up.

"Back in the day one of my friends had a response to that standard service question: "Is there anything else I can get you sir?" It was; "Yes, a white woman and a Cadillac". Invariably it would take the questioner aback, especially if they happened to be of the white persuasion. But it never failed, after a long night of hanging out we would go to the drive through, make our order, and after the question "Is there anything else I can get you....well, that was his cue. We all thought it was funny then, and much to my chagrin, every now and then I still find myself repeating it under my breath whenever I am asked that question.

Of course, I don't think it's so funny now. Not because I have all of a sudden outgrown sophnmorish college pranks and actions. But because..."
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