20 December 2006

big changes at cenlamar blog

Dec 20, 2006

For Immediate Release

CenLamar, an interactive weblog on life in Central Louisiana, has moved. Earlier today, blog operator Lamar White, Jr. announced major changes to CenLamar, including an expanded nightlife and music section, free classified advertising, and a team of new blog contributors. The site, formerly located at www.cenlamar.blogspot.com, has moved to www.cenlamar.wordpress.com.

White created CenLamar in March 2006. Since then, the site has received over 100,000 hits and has generated over 8,000 user-contributed comments.

During Alexandria's recent mayoral election, CenLamar became a resource for citizens interested in the issues. "It took off in unexpected ways," White said. "The notion of instant publication meant that the blog became the most up-to-date news source (covering the mayor's race)."

CenLamar also featured a popular and somewhat controversial discussion about Bolton High School. "The blog received 1,000 comments in a week about Bolton, and I think, in some small way, it may have inspired some changes."

The new features, White believes, will allow even more community involvement.

"Free classified advertising is already enjoyed by people in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, through services like Craig's List. This will enable Central Louisianans to have a free marketplace to advertise jobs and merchandise," said White.

The nightlife section, White says, was created in response to the needs of local event promoters and club owners. "I can't take all the credit," he said. "They wanted a one-stop-shop to freely advertise upcoming events, and frankly, there wasn't a place for Alexandrians to find out what's going on in Alexandria's emerging music scene." The nightlife section will be updated by a group of local businesspeople and events promoters.

White also plans to open the blog up to a team of writers and contributors. "Eventually, I hope this will lead to the creation of a real, independent press in Central Louisiana, and that can't happen unless there are a variety of voices," he says.

The new site was launched on Dec 20, 2006. Its first article is an interview with John Schneider, the new owner of the Hotel Bentley.

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