13 December 2006

rod noles economic update email list

rod noles is a local realtor who does a radio program on wednesday mornings on ksyl radio. if you miss his show live on wednesday mornings thats ok because ksyl is good about posting it and on their homepage. ksyl has a link -- "rod noles update" that you can click on and listen to it. last week we were listening to the show and mr. noles mentioned that if anyone wanted to get on his email distribution list to let him know; so what we did was go on www.noles-frye.com (see link) then click contact us and email the person whos name is listed there (jennifer kinberger) and put in the subject line "please add to rod noles email distribution list" this morning we received our first email and here is an excerpt:

-----Original Message-----
From: Rod Noles
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 7:40 AM
Subject: radio note

Email this week from listener: “Mr. Noles seems like there are fewer properties on the market in November, would you comment on this Wednesday morning?

MLS market up and top five in November

Last year 2005 by end of November total closed sale in board of Realtors was $219,573,165 same time period comparison for 2006 sales are $252,085,890 up 14.80% say 15% near truth and sounds better

Top Five for November

# No 1 Noles-Frye Realty 37.48% volume of $7,824,362

# No 2 CB White Realty 14.13% volume of $2,949,845

# No 3 Gray Walk 4.98% volume of $1,038,750

# No 4 La. Lagniappe 4.56% volume of $952,400

# No 5 Key 4.35% volume of $908,750

Hampton Inn plus Alex convention center sold: British American Properties Alexandria, LLC (151603 Azalea Shores Dr., Houston, TX 77070) to K.A.P. Enterprises, LLC (5915 Bayou Robert Dr., Alex., LA 71301) - Part of former Lots 54 & 55, Experiment Plantation in Sec 17 & 18, T4NR1W (2245 MacArthur Dr. & 2301 N MacArthur Dr., Alex., LA 71301), $6,800,000.00.

Same investors own Quality Inn and Red River Inn plus other hotels in other markets.
Church News

Simple deal but not common see property swap: Billy J & Elsie B Smith (632 Fish Hatchery Road, Forest Hill, LA 71430) to Executive Board of LA Baptist Convention (P O Box 311, Alex., LA 71309) - 5.965 acres in Sec 36, T2NR2W

Executive Board of LA Baptist Convention to Billy J & Elsie B Smith - 6.612 acres in Sec 31, T2NR1W

Community Baptist Church of Alex. (1807 Community Lane, Alex., LA 71303) to New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Alex. (2521 England Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - N/2 of Lot 1, Lots 2 & 6, Blk 1, A & P Subd., et al, $150,000.00 loan The New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Alex. (1807 Community Lane, Alex., LA 71303) to Peoples State Bank (1700 Bank Dr., Alex., LA 71301) - N/2 of Lot 1, Lots 2 & 6, Blk 1, A & P Subd., et al (1807 Community Lane & 2521 England Dr., Alex., LA 71303), $185,050.00
Water towers ain’t cheap: City of Pineville to Phoenix Fabrications & Erectors - Construct a 1,000,000 gallon elevated steel water tank, $1,328,900.00
Who is Barmar LLC just took out million dollar mortgage Barmar, LLC (P O Box 12411, Alex., LA 71315) to Southern Heritage Bank (5211 Jackson St., Alex., LA 71303) - 1.326 acres in Sec 8, T3NR1W, et al, $1,300,500.00
Hot Wells demolition work in progress who knows what is going on
Couple of year end tax strategies using time value of money

Pay January’s house note in December

Delay closing on investment property until January

On investment property use QI for sale today and take funds January

Make sure you pay real estate taxes and other expenses by end of month

Maximize tax deferred retirement payments