14 December 2006

city of alexandria releases coughlin-saunders atty letter

a few days ago the city of alexandria released the following letter to the alexandria daily town talk and you may follow the links to download from the town talk's website your own copy. according to the town talk the coughlin-saunders performing arts center, (more information here via alex-retro) opened over two years ago and was built for $8,200,000 [6.2m eur] with public (taxpayers) and private money and immediately the roof began leaking in heavy rainstorms. the city of alexandria (taxpayers) continues to pay for maintenance and for lighting. the city of alexandria taxpayers have also paid for two studies to find out why the building leaks.

the city administration, city attorney and newly elected mayor jacques roy refuse to release the most recent leak study done by quick and associates citing the louisiana public records law and [mayor] roy said those "with interests adverse" to the city protecting taxpayer money must be prevented from seeing the report now.

however, with the cities release of the below letter that voids that argument because this letter is a summary of what is contained in the report.

click here to download .pdf page 1 from the town talk

click here to download .pdf page 2 from the town talk
click here to download .pdf page 3 from the town talk
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