16 December 2006

eustace mullins on the federal reserve system

s u n d a y m a t i n e e
1 hr 38 min 40 sec


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eustace mullins is a protege of ezra pound, who was, according to mr. mullins and we have no reason to doubt him, the dominant intellectual of the twentieth century. four of pound's proteges have been given the nobel prize for literature after pound edited their work. the first one was t.s. eliot. pound first edited eliot's poem "the wasteland" in paris in 1920 and "the wasteland" went on to become the most famous poem of the 20th century. next was ernest hemingway. ezra pound made hemingways prose very crisp; according to mr. mullins, hemingway's stellar background was as a hack writer for a newspaper in saskatchewan, canada called the moose jaw times herald. next was william butler yeats whos stuffy victorian poetry horrified pound. pound got him out of that and into modern poetry. pounds fourth protege was james joyce who wrote "ulysses" which pound edited and that book went on to become the most famous book of the twentieth century.

pound never won the nobel prize because (again, according to mr. mullins) he never cultivated the establishment. in the 1930s and '40s to get anywhere you really had to be an outspoken, active pro communist. "so of course he (pound) was totally ignored by everybody except the public. the public liked his work."

when mr. mullins met ezra pound he sent mullins to the library of congress to find out what he could about the federal reserve system. mr. mullins says that he really has a knack for research and that he found out the entire history of the federal reserve system which he says is "the greatest swindle ever known in history." click here to start the video at the point where mr. mullins starts to explain the federal reserve system or click the link to watch the video in full. eustace mullins book "secrets of the federal reserve" is also available to read by clicking here.
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**updated** in this 16 december 2006 audio interview with daryl bradford smith, eustace mullins exposes david duke. "david always does what hes told to." "david is always a front man for somebody. he's working for somebody whenever he makes his appearance and he gets tremendous press coverage all over the world...i've told people for years you cannot trust anybody who gets on national television because they own them and thats the only way they can get on national television." "he's [david duke] like an elvis presley i heard one talk he gave there in new orleans and he had the old ladies weeping, you know, because you never heard such schmaltz in your life... i never heard anything like it, it was an incredible performance... he's totally insincere there is never any sincerity only a fool would ever be taken in by him because hes totally transparent in what he does" .mp3 here