06 December 2006

jack booted thuggery at the alexandria mall

added 11:24 pm cst wednesday 06 december 2006 sometime monday when we first started on this post about ms. burnham's letter we werent in a hurry to finish and post it because at the time we assumed that we were the only ones that felt this way. then after viewing monday and tuesday's news; taking in the commentary on local blogs [heres cenla antics thread] we find out we arent the only ones, after all, getting that ol suspicious feeling....

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Anonymous Says:
9:12 AM

Lamar, why am I hearing that Charles Johnson is going to be the City Attorney. I thought Roy had a list of 5 or 6 qualified names he was considering. I guess none of those guys were more qualified. I'm shocked and wonder why nobody saw that coming in the legal and local community. I can only presume that he will continue to be allowed to wear his earings to work. I'm sure Chuck will be happy with the pay increase. Who knows, it may work out great. (unhappy Roy supporter)
Anonymous Says:
9:29 AM

I new about Chuck weeks ago, but thought it was b.s. The two prior post are correct. It is a political move. So far this has been close to a joke. Change would have been nice. At least Brewer would have shaken things up. It appears Roy didn't realize that he is not going to have many chances to make moves of his own. He just assured that a little more. We should have known this would happen.

and the thread

Anonymous Says:
4:27 PM

I don't care if Roy appoints a pink butted monkey. Just let him do his job of mayor, and don't be so friggin' negative.
lol. we'll see. thats the beauty of the internet it gives everyone a place to compare notes to put two and two together ourselves...
sunday, 03 december 2006, the alexandria daily town talk printed a "
your mail" from stacey burnham of new llano,. [vernon parish], louisiana; the town talk was too kind in choosing to caption it a little hospitality would be nice. ms. burnham recounts her 'gangs' recent road trip to alexandria and the subsequent hardships cast on them by a moonlighting city of alexandria policeman....after viewing ms. burnham's letter what we would like to know is how does the city of alexandria, louisiana, expect to become a thriving commercial hub when its police force dismiss its visitors on sight as common thugs and criminals?

and oh yeah thats another thing, we dont think the police should be allowed to wear their police uniforms when they arent serving the people's interest like they are supposed to be doing when they are on duty -- in moonlighting the police are in fact serving corporate interests. after all the police cannot serve two masters.
despite that; getting back to the gist of the town talk's your mailer, how can people feel comfortable, be excited and all pumped up to come and shop at alexandria's stores or do business with alexandria's tradesmen, craftsmen or professionals or what young person would come to the city and live under the hard gaze of a jackbooted police state? not many thats for sure. and thats yet another thing, why should the residents around here have to live like this? have you noticed yet that we are no longer free? the government now dictates to us whatever they like and treats americans (who's fore bearers conquered this entire continent) like stupid children. how did it get like this? its gotten like this because the citizenry are lazy and dont follow up on and watch what their elected officials are up to. we're not free anymore because of our sloth. who ever would have thought that in america (formerly land of the free and home of the brave) a law, ordinance or whatever would issue banning certain types of clothing? even if clothing was an evil doer lol we are willing to bet that our local gang-bangers have the sense to know that a group of middle aged white people are not part of their gang or part of the enemy gang either, although it appears that "
alexandria's finest" as ms. burnham referred to them...do not.

whats more, who was the councilman that introduced this ordinance? whats the number, who voted for it and what mayor signed it?

what about the (we assume state) law ms. barnham mentioned about how four or more people gathered is considered a gang? is the right of the people peaceably to assembly now voided? how did that happen? who introduced this bill? who voted for it?

mankind has known since at least solomon's time at proverbs chapter twenty-nine verse eighteen that
where there is no vision the people perish. funny how that verse goes on to say "...but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
the law of course solomon wrote of is the constitution. how do we know that it is our constitution and not someone else's? its pretty obvious when you consider that
since the god of solomon is the same god and upon who's ways that our constitution is founded upon; because under our constitution the government is given power to govern by the consent of the governed; furthermore, americans believe "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights..." thats rights directly from god that the government cannot take away under any circumstances. the caveat though is that the people must first realize that they have rights from god and the only way that the people will know this is by studying and being familiar with god.

earlier this week alexandria swore in a new mayor the first one in twenty years. will the new mayor and administration provide the vision to reinspire the morale of not only the alexandria police department but also alexandria's citizenry? that remains to be seen. however, mayor roy's early appointments arent impressive at all. first we find out that mayor roy has appointed kay michiels to be his "chief operating officer" a simple google search of her name shows that ms. michiels is the michiels in the alexandria law firm of walker, passman & michiels; the minutes of the 02 may 2006 city of alexandria city council meetings shows that walker, passman & michiels have a contract with the city for legal work. remember this video anyone?
see 21) Introduction of an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to execute an Agreement for Professional Services with Walker, Passman & Michiels for legal services.
walker, passman & michiels are also a law firm known by us to have participated (with gold weems and their federal court judge judge little who did his duty and covered it all up, judiciously of coz) in at least one instance of corporate fraud even going so far in that case as pulling a fraud on a local court by misrepresentation. they also have a tie to the gold-weems law firm [read cleco lawsuit] because a few years ago judge drell's son bradley drell practiced at walker, passman & michiels. bradley drell now practices at gold-weems. additionally, back on 18 september 2004 h. gregory walker, jr., the walker in walker, passman & michiels was rejected by the entire parish when he ran for a ninth judicial district judgeship.

next, we learn that mayor roy has appointed rapides parish assistant district attorney charles johnson to be alexandria's new city attorney. my how forgetful we are when it was just this very year that the rapides parish district attorney was caught breaking the law themselves in the railroading of amanda gutweiler hypes. so why for pities sake would the mayor want someone for city attorney from a culture like that? doesnt make sense.

so it comes back around again to we the people. lets work to create a better alexandria, rapides parish, state, nation and world. cast out slothfulness; speak out and demand better from our elected officials. it also comes back around to proverbs, consider this; let it be our guide: when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
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