05 October 2008

sunday matinée 'the money masters' - how international bankers gained control of america

UPDATE: Urgent Letter from the Money Masters re the $700 Billion Bank Bailout

Dear Fellow American Citizen:

The ongoing, severe economic turmoil in our nation - destined to get worse if the right remedy is not enacted - was predicted in our video The Money Masters as the inevitable result of our fractional reserve banking system.

Our banking system, established by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, works essentially like a spring. When the Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, wishes to create new money, it simply does so. There are no reserves to our money. The Fed then spends this money, usually to buy Treasury Bonds from private owners of the bonds (more recently to bailout or help huge banks buyout failing banks), which the sellers had purchased from the Treasury Department.

These bonds (and Treasury bills, TIPS and notes) were initially sold to the public to fund government deficits. In our metaphor the money created by the Fed is the spring. The spring gets stretched in the following manner. ~ read more [three page .pdf]

excerpt from erichufschmid.net - see link
The Money Masters video, by Bill Still and Pat Carmack, gives a history of how the European and American banking system are being taken over.

It sometimes appears on google video:

If that link fails, just search for it:

The 3.5 hour, double DVD set is only $20 and shipping is included:

Watch out for propaganda!
If you compare the Money Masters video to Aaron Russo's film, "Freedom to Fascism", you should notice that the Money Masters is a serious, informative analysis of the banking system, whereas Russo's video provides only a small amount of information, and he tries to divert attention away from the Rothschilds and onto the Americans who work at the IRS. Russo also tries to frighten us with stories of the "New World Order" putting electronic tracking chips under our skin.

You can watch Russo's film here (new link):

The Money Masters video is not completely honest about Jews, Zionism, or Israel, but it has a lot of very important information, especially for college students who are studying history or business, whereas Russo's video is evidence that Russo worked with criminals.

We also have a timeline for the Rothschilds and for the Money Changers.

We are in a battle of intelligence, so if you can't see the deception, you will be taken advantage of over and over. Try to notice the pattern that the people who promote Aaron Russo also deceive you about the Rothchilds, 9/11, the World Wars, Zionism, and other crimes by Israelis and Zionists. ~ read more
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