05 October 2008

larry sinclair enroute to join barky in nashville

larry sinclair is the duluth, minnesota man who alleges several november 1999 drugs and sexual encounters with u.s. senator and 2008 democratic party presidential nominee barack obama.

message from from larry sinclair:

"I will be leaving shortly for Nashville with a brief stop in Chicago, IL. The schedule and route has changed slightly for maximum impact. It is important to be in Nashville on Monday.

This story will be reported by way of the local media markets. Here is the link to The Grand Rapids, MI WSNX FM 104.5 interview from the Obama event on Thursday. http://www.wsnx.com/cc-common/podcast.html"

wst... note: look for the segment titled "does barack obama have a shady past" [sic]
that post was from yesterday saturday 04 october 2008.

today mr. sinclair posts to his blog that he has a stop-over at chicago and that barky's old church [trinity united church of christ] will not let him attend its religious services.

while we correspond with mr. sinclair by email we did steal the title for this post from rense.com
larry sinclair's blog: