17 October 2008

chimpenfuhrer coming to alexandria, la monday

only alexandrians and "local business leaders" would be dumb enough -- no make that sorry enough, to invite a criminally insane maniac, who has shredded the constitution, bankrupted america, then looted the treasury, amongst other things, including turning america into a pariah nation, to town "to discuss the economy."

rodney alexander, another freak who voted for H.R.1424 the wall street bailout bill, said "president bush’s presence in alexandria is truly a significant occasion for the 5th district as well as our state, and his visit would not have been possible without the efforts of elton pody and other business leaders in the area." pody is head of the central louisiana chamber of commerce. ~ gannett/town talk here.

obviously the central louisiana chamber of commerce is made up of a bunch of criminals.