07 October 2008

mike magnoli reports on wasteful spending by the city of alexandria, la

"mind you this $130,000 is not for park improvements -- it's just for these powerpoints and these meetings"

its appears that alexandrians are finally getting fed up with their city governments wasteful spending. in this report by kalb's mike magnoli, lisa harris with the city of alexandria states that "we're spending the money [$130,000] with this consultant for them to go out and assess the needs of the community."

to which the next logical question to ask would have been - so just what does the mayor and the city council do? why arent they out in the community talking to people, finding out first hand what the citizens want and need? isnt that kinda, sorta their job?

why is it that mr. magnoli can go to the parks and instantly find out from citizens that they want some bathrooms and better lighting? if mr. magnoli can do that then why cant the mayor and the city councilmen? why do they want to pay big money to have someone do what they are naturally supposed to be doing? it doesnt make any sense. how do these people sleep at night?
a note about town hall meetings a/k/a community meetings:
the town hall meetings are a traditional soviet brainwashing technique, carefully designed to allow the opposition to vent safely. you could call it "managed venting." to some extent, it will neutralize the opposition. indeed, it now justifies the traitors in saying that the people participated in the decision. after all, didn’t they testify? didn’t austin go to considerable trouble to arrange those meetings? and if you participated, you have no right to complain. alan stang 'trans-texas treason: town hall meetings a con game' - news with views, 17 february 2008.