23 October 2008

third party presidential debate: ralph nader calls out aipac

ralph nader calls out aipac - the american israel public affairs committee at the third party presidential candidates debate held at the mayflower hotel, washington, d.c. on 23 october 2008.

chuck baldwin, on the other hand, tried to shift the blame away from israel and the zionists and onto mysterious entities like the 'new world order,' the globalists and other goyim. a caller a the end of the clip pointed out how mr. baldwin sounds just like zionist/israeli agent, zionist denier and liar alex jones.

we agree with the caller that mr. baldwin has some good ideas, such as abolishing the federal reserve which is owned and operated by the same gang of zionist jewish criminals and like the caller we have decided to withdraw our support from mr. baldwin.

mr. nader wasnt entirely accurate when he said that the "jews" and the arabs "are both part of the semetic race," seeing that some 95% or more of those who today call themselves jews are actually khazar also called ashkenazi.

khazar's converted to judaism around ad 740 for political reasons. the khazars originated from an area in what is now modern day russia. they are in no way related to the biblical israelites or the arabs.

website mentioned by the c-span caller:

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