09 October 2008

eric hufschmid releases 'painful questions' for free online download

Painful Questions

A description of my book,
and free PDF files of the chapters

by Eric Hufschmid

This book discusses the aspects of the September 11th Attack and the response of the US Government that can make us wonder whether our government is involved in the attack, or whether they are so amazingly incompetent that they only appear to be involved. A government of idiots is as dangerous as a government of conspirators, so we have a serious problem in either case.

The suggestion that the US, Britain, or Israel knew about or assisted with the 9-11 attack is often rebuffed with a remark similar to, “But it doesn't make sense for them to allow the attack!” It may not make sense to you, but it may have made sense to them. After all, it made sense for the CIA to use Americans in LSD and nuclear radiation experiments many years ago, and it made sense for Israel to (accidently, of course!) attack the USS Liberty in 1967.

Those of you who do not believe anything illegal occurred should look for explanations for the mysteries this book brings up. The inability to properly explain the attack is simply more evidence that we are witnessing an incredible scam. ~ read more
Die deutsche Version von Painful Questions ist jetzt erhältlich.
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