29 October 2008

louisiana's goofy noose thought crimes law gets its first test

it seems that last week a couple of guys were at work doing some "trash talking" before the georgia at lsu football game. why supposedly grown men were wasting their time trash talking over a silly football game when there are so many other serious problems facing our state and nation is testament to louisiana's bread and circuses culture.

the accused nooser, a mr. reggie parent age 48, who is white, was trash talking in favor of lsu and the noosee, one mr. reggie drummer who is black, was for georgia. mr. parent told mr. drummer that if georgia won the game, mr. parent would have a "surprise" for mr. drummer at work monday.

georgia won the game by a score of 52 - 38 and the rest as they say, is history.

anyway, in the 2008 regular louisiana legislative session, an ignorant, peon of a state representative named ricky hardy, introduced his house bill no. 726. this bill was supposed to be the organized crime gang that calls itself the louisiana legislature response to all of the noose (copy-cat) incidents that had sprung up in the wake of the so called jena 6 noose incident.

but just what has representative hardy and his fellow cretins, boobs, idiots, morons, nutters, freaks, perverts and criminals that is the louisiana legislature accomplished by passing into law his hb726 now act 643? and dont forget that hb 726 was promptly signed into law by that republican fraud and scam piyush "bobby" jindal.

well if you're mr. reggie parent or a member of his family or friend or just someone who happens to learn about this case it could make you come to dislike or perhaps even hate black people. its quite likely that this law has actually placed black people even more into harms way by way of potential crimes of retribution.

by the same token it also could make some black people hate and/or strike back at white people.

and thats just exactly what laws like this are designed by legislators to do. god forbid that black people and white people ever come together and realize how both races are being screwed and used by politicians. thats the last thing that the politicians want -- so they create laws like la. r.s. 14:40.5 to stir up anger and enmity between the races so that blacks and whites will be too busy fighting each other instead of getting a clue and directing their anger towards the criminals in baton rouge - and other places.

not a single louisiana state representative has an ounce of integrity as seen by the house final passage vote. same with the state senate - seven representatives ran and hid when the vote came up and senator kostelka, himself a bumbling, mumbling enemy of state ethics law, was probably trying to find the senate chamber when the vote took place there.

reggie drummer

la r.s. 14:40.5 says in part "It shall be unlawful for any person, with the intent to intimidate any person or group of persons, to etch, paint, draw, or otherwise place or display a hangman's noose on the property of another, a highway, or other public place." emphasis ours.

according to an online legal dictionary: INTIMIDATE - means to intentionally say or do something which would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities to be fearful of bodily harm. It is not necessary to prove that the victim was actually frightened, and neither is it necessary to prove that the behavior of the person was so violent that it was likely to cause terror, panic or hysteria. ~ source

what kind of crazy legal definition is this that the cretins in the louisiana legislator used to base a felony law on, in which someone could be sentenced to prison for a year at hard labor and face a $5,000 fine?

mr. drummer told the wafb-tv reporter, tyana williams that "he [reggie parent] could have tied a half-hitch, a bowline knot you know, i mean you could have tied a double knot in your shoe you know, why tie a noose?" does this sound like the words of someone who is "fearful of bodily injury?" oh but wait -- "it is not necessary to prove that the victim was actually frightened."

mr. drummer passed up the opportunity to score a great moral victory by simply sitting mr. parent down and looking him in the eye and explaining to him why nooses are such an offensive symbol. its possible that mr. parent would have regretted what he allegedly did and apologized. they probably would have been friends again by lunch time.

instead, what does mr. drummer do? he gets on television and throws gas on the fire by stating "if it dont do no good, if it dont teach nobody a lesson you know, maybe the person who tied it, could learn something from it you know." thats not smart thinking!


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