11 October 2008

rapides parish sheriff's office new drug detector dog

kalb's mike magnoli reports on one of the new rapides parish sheriff's office new $12,500 drug detector/narcotics dog named max.

although law enforcement likes to promote k-9 units as some sort of untrickable, super drug detector, former longtime texas narcotics officer, barry cooper says that nothing could be further from the truth.

mr. cooper tells how unscrupulous police officers may on a whim -- like for instance, they dont like how you look or what race you are -- can and will make their narcotic detector dogs "false alert" so that they will have probable cause to search your automobile.

mr. cooper an eight year police veteran trained his own narcotic detector dog "and soon became one of the top highway interdiction officers in east texas. although barry had less than five miles of highway to practice seizing narcotics, he held a county record of nearly one- hundred drug arrests and a record marijuana seizure."

mr. cooper discovered that he had principles and a conscience:

"barry now admits during his tour of duty in the war on drugs his conscience often bothered him while seeing everyday, hard working, non-violent citizens torn from their children and spouses and placed in jail during a raid or traffic stop.

barry explains, "i knew what I was doing was wrong but my need for fame, adrenaline and peer acceptance overrode my good conscience." barry now realizes this is a war on people not a war on drugs. he explains "this war on people is a failed policy. we have more prisoners of this war in jail then ever before yet even the dea admits we have more potent drugs and a larger supply of drugs available than ever before."" see about barry cooper

in the above video, mr. cooper says that there are several ways to confound drug detector dogs and prevent either a real alert or a false alert. carry a cat in your car. another method is so spray your tires with deer scents and fox urines that hunters use because "this confuses the dog where his drive is channeled to chasing these things instead of looking for the marijuana." see traffic stops--fooling the drug dogs