28 October 2008

wftv orders youtube to take down infamous barbara west - joe biden interview clip

on saturday 25 october 2008, the drudge report, in giant red text, linked to a youtube clip of what went on to became the famous 'is obama a marxist' interview of joe biden by wftv reporter barbara west..



drudge linked to the above url and you can see that wftv filed a copyright claim to youtube ordering the clip taken down.

wftv's silly move to have the clip censored off of youtube didnt really accomplish anything because a simple youtube search for it shows that already many copies of the clip have been uploaded -- and will continue to be uploaded.

instead of being jerks about it, wftv should follow the c-span model:

c-span might claim a video that a blogger or someone uploads that contains their content -- in exchange they want to place advertising on its youtube watch page. this seems like a pretty fair trade off.