25 October 2008

latest stupid party propaganda: michelle obama's $447.39 snack

UPDATE: oyster informs us in the comments that this email is based on a fabricated story thats been retracted.

this morning we received the below email from a republican party operative.

apparently, this email's objective is to stir up class envy because it contains a quote that it attributes to mrs. obama about universal health care and pie but then on 15 october 2008, mrs. obama was staying in the waldorf-astoria hotel -- in new york city, eating lobster, caviar and washing it down with bollinger champagne.

but what does what mrs. obama said about health care and pie have to do with what she ordered from the hotel's room service?

furthermore, cant someone who has the money, order whatever they want? just because someone is espousing universal health care does this mean that they should be eating sardines and crackers and washing it down with tap water?

for all we know mrs. obama was in new york city that day to appear on some television program and her stay was paid for by it.
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if you take a look at the website referenced at the bottom where it says "paid for by concerned citizens who love america http://blog.pumapac.org" you will see that this is a website run by democrats who are hillary clinton backers -- ignorant republicans are so desperate that they are willing to whore themselves out to democrats and become their useful idiots in spreading what amounts to democratic party/hillary clinton faction propaganda. LOL