06 October 2009

arab states to stop using dollar...or not

drudge has been promoting this story from the top of his website since last night.

now this morning its "arabs plot to drop dollar," but last night when the story was "developing" drudge promoted it this way: "ARAB STATES LAUNCH SECRET MOVES WITH CHINA, RUSSIA, FRANCE TO STOP USING DOLLAR FOR OIL TRADING... DEVELOPING..."

a little lower on his website this morning we see that he has linked to a story in which the oil states deny that they are plotting with russia, china, japan and france to replace the dollar.

but oops over to the left drudge has linked to yet another story where the united nations is calling for a new reserve currency.

UPDATE: oh and now gold has reached an all time high of $1,038.65 an ounce.

the dollar probably will be replaced at some point. its worth nothing and the united states is trillions of dollars in debt of which the chinese hold a large portion.

for now though it seems that someone is using the media in an attempt to cause financial and economic chaos in the united states and elsewhere.