13 October 2009

c.b. forgotston on moon griffon 13 october 2009

link to audio page length 20:51

now we like c.b. forgotston because hes pretty consistent. he doesnt talk about everything in state government that we wished that he would but in all fairness to mr. forgotston he concentrates on HB 1, HB 2, HB 3 the state operating budget and capital outlay bills. all huge bills full of lots of intrigue and criminality.

today mr. forgotston exposes the usual hypocrisy of lafayette rino mike "mi mi mi" michot who has been complaining that treasury sec'y john kennedy's subcommittee on streamlining state government has been working too hard. "I thought the purpose of this committee was to streamline state government and thats all i can tell that john kennedy and his subcommittee are doing and michot's saying 'they're messing with stuff they not supposed to be messing with! where is michot's recommendation?...whats this all about?"

mr. forgotston points out that senator michot is a big proponent of taxes and opines that this is all just a scam to raise taxes instead of cutting spending.

mr. forgotston says that he talked to a member of the state revenue estimating conference who told him that income tax revenue is doing a little better than they thought. its a decline in sales tax revenue meaning that the economy isnt doing well so it makes sense that the state should cut income taxes to put more money on the street.

our subversive rhodes scholar governor and his crew as well as a mostly new legislature came in with an extra billion dollars which they promptly spent. forgotston says that he cant understand the governor criticizing the president of the united states for incurring more debt when the state had that billion dollar surplus. the state spent that and went into debt when the legislators and governor borrowed $3 or 4 hundred million dollars in bonds. "maybe someone can explain to me why [piyush] bobby jindal doesnt do what he says -- what he says other people are doing wrong -- why doesnt he do that for our state?"

its not the lack of revenues its the increased spending.

lsu enrollment is down 10% (3,000 students).

government never looks for ways to economize when the revenues are there. instead, they wait until it disappears then they complain about loss of revenues. they never plan ahead this is a trick to raise taxes instead of cutting spending. even the streamlining government committee is a reaction not an action. we should have been economizing all along.

mr. forgotston and others suggested taking the billion dollar surplus and paying down the states unfunded accrued liability. alternatively, they suggested paying down the debt but it never happened. the current subversive rhodes scholar governor and the legislature created the problem by blowing the billion dollar surplus and now they are complaining. "i dont think they really want to streamline government."