16 October 2009

c.b. forgotston smacks down 'wayne from alexandria'

link to audio page

we missed the moon griffon program yesterday. according to this clip they were discussing the latest public statement to come out of the judiciary oversight committee -- the 24 september letter -- concerning the race for louisiana supreme court dist #4 seat between jimmy faircloth of pineville and judge marcus clark from monroe.

they might have also been talking about this news story by johnny gunter, which wasnt posted to gannett's alexandria paper the town talk until sometime later thursday evening.

in any event, mr. griffon phoned mr. forgotston because he's an attorney to explain the matter.

so today 'wayne from alexandria' phones in. first he admits that he didnt catch but the tail-end of the show and apparently had left a nasty voice mail about mr. forgotston on mr. griffon's phone that he apologizes for.

apparently referring to yesterdays segment with mr. forgotston, he starts in on the "misleading information on the radio." then we have to go all back through the various sanctions or opinions or whatever, regarding judge clark's inability to be ethical. "judge clark was definitely sanctioned. there were five reasons for that...for willful failure to perform his duty and on and on." yeah on and on.

by this time 'ol ryan was really blowin'-n-goin' -- one tidbit he let slip out was that it was him and "cenla gopac" who filed the complaint against judge clark.

one thing we did agree with 'ryan' about was his reference to one of judge clark's television commercials. the one we call "unethical politicians for marcus clark" where william norris a retired chief judge from the second circuit court of appeal put his arm around clark's shoulder in what ryan described as "one of the courthouse gang comes on and says 'when he was a little boy he got sanctioned and shouldnt hold that against him." that was pretty funny.

a few minutes later mr. forgotston phones in and insists that the misrepresentation that he was referring to yesterday was on the part of mr. faircloth. mr. forgotston says that ryan "is trying to obfuscate the issues."