01 October 2009

mike rivero responds to gannett/the town talk's jewish anti-iran propaganda

the jews are desperate to trick the stupid americans into going to war against iran for them. today the jewish puppets and liars over at the town talk posted an editorial for israel beating the american war drums against iran.

this is clearly not in america's best interest. why is gannett, paul carty, cynthia jardon and the rest of the liars over at the town talk allowed to exploit their status as so called "journalists" to
propagandize americans as agents of a foreign power to support what would be another illegal war?

mike rivero over at whatreallyhappened.com noticed this garbage and wrote about it on his website:

While this pro-war screed carries no name, one only need to look at the emphasis placed on Yom Kippur inside the text to understand where this propagandist's point of view comes from. ~ mike rivero www.whatreallyhappened.com
then left the following comment(s) underneath the editorial why talk? iran has already spoken :

view them here until the town talk deletes them.
Zionism depends upon human garbage

Crime gangs of all races and nationalities are collections of freaks. Their members are alcoholics, drug addicts, psychos, and retards who are suffering from all sorts of mental disorders.

Many seem to retain a childish attraction to toilet humor and temper tantrums. They are crude, disgusting, dishonest, mentally unstable creatures who will cheat one another in addition to the rest of us.

You might find it interesting to imagine yourself dependent upon these freaks. Would you feel safe with them on your side? Would you want them to be part of your team? ~ hufschmid: zionism's fatal flaws
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