15 October 2009

HOAX colorado boy aged 6 floats away in a balloon

That all ended at about 4 p.m. when Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden was in the middle of a news conference and was told the boy had been found safe. "He's at the house," Alderden said. An investigator said the boy had apparently been in the attic the whole time.

Neighbor Bob Licko said he was leaving home when he heard commotion in the backyard of the family. He said he saw two boys on the roof with a camera, commenting about their brother. "One of the boys yelled to me that his brother was way up in the air," Licko said.

The balloon was owned by the boy's parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene, and tethered behind the house. cbs4denver


falcon heene, aged 6, is believed to have been inside the experimental aircraft that his parents were building at their ft. collins, colorado home -- however, when the balloon landed later in the day, the boy was nowhere to be found.
"Balloon Boy" Story a Publicity Hoax? CBS News
The boy's father Richard Heene is a known storm chaser. During an appearance on the television program WifeSwap, Heene and his wife, Mayumi, focused on their love of science.

Last year, the 9NEWS Morning Show interviewed Richard and Mayumi Heene about their passion for storm chasing. This is that interview. Deputy thought he saw something fall, search ongoing 9News
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