05 October 2009

joey durel to valient lafayetters: o.k. we'll let you turn right-on-red again now shut up

todays gannett/lafayette advertiser brings news that by the end of october 2009 citizens will be able to make a right-turn-on-red again. lafayette parish consolidated city government have been sold out to while the lafayette citizens have been occupied by the australian redflex corporation and their traffic scameras and "safe speed vans" for it must be two years now.

the elected officials must have figured out that fines collected for right-turns-on-red must make up only about 3 - 5% of their steady revenue stream. UPDATE: an advertiser commenter Frankie21 wrote:

Download the Redflex manual at www.camerafraud.com Sept 15th 2009. I don't see the Redflex bosses giving in on this issue. 95% of the redlight funds come from turning right on red without stopping completely.

Watch that they propose a compromise with a lower fine for right on red. Mr. Durel is caught between the Redfex money grabbers and a general public that is becoming increasingly upset that we are being scammed by our own elected officials.
plus (heres the best part) it might have the added benefit of tricking the citizenry into thinking they were listening to their concerns about redflex and taking action.

president durel, tony tramel and the rest of the pet shop bois must be under tremendous pressure over redflex and other things.

did you see this recent article from thenewspaper.com where "vigilantes" east of lafayette, in westwego, set fire to a redflex van on saturday 24 september 2009?

on the other hand, this the independent article seems to imply that president durel's handlers seem to think that he might crack-up before the next election. then what.
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