10 October 2009

two small planes collide near buhlow lake in pineville

click picture to enlargebuhlow lake image courtesy google earth


Two people were killed and several others were injured when two small aircraft collided over Buhlow Lake in central Louisiana on Saturday afternoon.

The crash happened near Pineville Municipal Airport in Pineville around 2.30 p.m. central time, according to Lynn Lunsford, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). “It happened roughly a half mile off the runway,” Lunsford said, who said the planes came down in woods nearby.

One of the planes was a 1965-build Cessna 150F aircraft, which was registered to Thomas Oleary from Deville, Louisiana, according to official FAA records.

The second plane, also a Cessna 150F but build in 1966, was registered to Lawrence L. Newell from Marksville, Louisiana.

It was not immediately confirmed those people were actually onboard the aircraft when they crashed. ~ read more
UPDATE-7 thomas o'leary obituary [31 kb]

james jay ray schultz obituary [841 kb].

gannett/the town talk
photo gallery of buhlow lake plane crash

gannett/the town talk: names of two men killed released
Thomas O’Leary Jr. of Pineville and James Schultz Jr. of Alexandria were killed Saturday after two aircraft collided near Buhlow Lake in Pineville, according to a information released by the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office on Sunday.

Two people who survived the crash were identified as Ingrid Newell and Darrell Newell, both of Pineville. Authorities did not provide information as to whether there was any relationship between the Newells. ~ read more
UPDATE-4 gannett/the town talk: two die as planes collide over buhlow lake in pineville

UPDATE-3 gannett/the town talk: two die when two planes collide near buhlow lake

UPDATE-2 kalb: plane collision kills two near buhlow lake in pineville

UPDATE: kalb crawl:
this is a kalb news bulletin. two people are dead after two small planes collided in mid air and crashed near buhlow lake. witnesses say the two planes clipped wings before going down into a nearby wooded area. rpso is on the scene and ntsb is en route from baton rouge.