11 February 2006

1st documented sissyman sen craig romero

**updated** senate goodbyes senators schedler and romero

pictured sen craig romero
“I didn’t feed my dog this morning, did they print that?” - la state senator craig romero...maybe so but at least he did vote against voter fraud.however, we have to agree with andrew koneschusky the state democrats executive director. senator romero attended a fund raiser here at alexandria the other day for rodney alexander which was attended by evil incarnate vp dick cheney.

rodney alexander is a turn coat democrat from quitman. we voted for him before he was a turn coat though and the only reason he was elected about four years ago was because he was a democrat. he narrowly defeated lee fletcher a republican...so he gets elected a democrat and switches over to the gop. we voted against rep alexander this last time he ran and plan to vote against him in the fall as well. we sure hope he gets some good challengers; secretary of state al ater is rumored to be running against alexander...

anyway back to romero he skipped the governors bus tour of new orleans and her opening remarks at the special session to kiss up to the likes of dick cheney who everyone should be running from lol we think this shows some kind of disconnect on the part of senator romero when his place was clearly at the legislature. this makes romero a sissyman in our book.

La. Democrats attack Romero

Acadiana bureau
Published: Feb 11, 2006

Louisiana’s Democratic Party has gotten off to an early election year start in firing off attacks on state Sen. Craig Romero, who is expected to challenge Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon in the fall.

The state party issued statements blasting the New Iberia Republican’s fund-raising tactics, campaign finance reporting and standing with voters.

“I didn’t feed my dog this morning, did they print that?” Romero said dismissively Friday about the Democrats’ early salvos. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself, I’m such a horrible person.”
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