12 February 2006

kenedy county texas quick facts

K E N E D Y * C O U N T Y * T E X A S

Kenedy County
population (2000) 414

Ramon Salinas, III
(361) 294-5205
(361) 294-5710 (fax)
P.O. Box 10, Sarita 78385

District & County Clerk
Veronica Vela
P.O. Box 227, Sarita 78385
Tel: (361) 294-5220
Fax: (361) 294-5218

Armstrong Ranch

Established in 1882.

Now 50,000 acres in Kenedy County in South Texas.

Owned by the Armstrong family, with roots throughout Texas history. Members include Katharine Armstrong, former head of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission; and her parents, Anne Armstrong, U.S. ambassador to Great Britain in the Nixon administration, and the late Tobin Armstrong, a legendary rancher who served 48 years on the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association board and received the Texas Legends Award from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Frequently used for quail hunting, which drew Cheney and Whittington's hunting party over the weekend.

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