09 February 2006

louisiana senate approves voter fraud sb 16

Updated: 2/9/2006

Summary: VOTERS/VOTING: Provides for absentee by mail voting until July 16, 2006, for persons displaced by a declared state of emergency who registered to vote by mail but have not voted in person. (gov sig)

email to joe mcpherson regarding his yay vote to sb 16:

From: lurgis@gmail.com
To: lasen29@legis.state.la.us
Subject: senate bill 16
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 18:50:13 -0600

dear senator mcpherson,

i am very sorry to see on the legislature website that you voted for senate bill 16 - voter fraud.

not only is it wrong to tamper with the voting laws as they were, you and the legislature have very likely committed a collosal blunder because why would anyone from new orleans and i use the term new orleans collectively for all of south louisiana, why would they vote for the democratic party or for anyone currently in office after the terrible response to hurricane katrina and also because of the corruption that led to the levee failure in the first place?

the only other explanation that makes sense is that this is truly a voter fraud bill in that its a ballot box stuffing exercise in the first place thats the only way, all things being equal, we can see how anyone from down there would be re-elected.

i was proud to vote for you in the past and i encouraged my family and friends to do the same but now iam not so sure.

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