11 February 2006

hillary clinton is right

the fact is mrs bush is that your husband the president is the worst president in american history . the part we dont get is why is hillary clinton getting all the attention for stating the obvious? anyone that loves america and our constitution must agree with her. that doesnt make her our spokesperson or leader. but we will say this and thats everyone should follow her lead stand up for the constitution and condemn this administration and this presidency.

Laura Bush says Hillary 'out of bounds'
Sat Feb 11 2006 11:42:42 ET

From ABC interview of Laura Bush at Winter Olympics today, for broadcast on Monday:

Q Before I let you go, one political question, because I'll get fired if I don’t ask at least one political question. The ceremony for Coretta Scott King was just so moving, all the speakers at that. Hillary Clinton has now taken a little bit of the forefront. And I know that you all travel together, and just a week before, she had some very harsh words about this administration, saying it could be one of the worst -- go down in history as one of the worst ever. Is that just politics, is that fair game, or is that out of bounds, a statement like that?

MRS. BUSH: Well, of course I think it’s out of bounds. But I think it’s politics, it’s certainly politics. President Clinton and President Bush and President Bush number 41 who was with us, as well, are in a club together, and really, I think, wives of the Presidents are in a club, as well. We know what it’s like to live in that house. We certainly know what it’s like to have your husband criticized. So I think there’s a certain empathy that we might have for each other that we wouldn’t have maybe for somebody else who said something like that.

Q Well said, gracious as always. Mrs. Bush, thank you very much for your time.

MRS. BUSH: Thanks, Robin.