27 February 2006

Schedler amazed

c b forgotston, shares an email conversation with senator tom schedler. according to the senator, c b wrote a "cheap shot" commentary here according to c b, sen schedler said that we louisianans "just dont understand" meaning that we are too ignorant to understand what the legislature has had to go through since katrina etc... in essence insulting our intelligence as well.

forgotston called schedler a "kool aide drinker" and other choice words.

Schedler said the public, riled up by radio talk shows and other less-than-informed sources, “doesn’t understand that compromise is a crucial part of lawmaking.”
schedler snip from the advocate.

I have been elected five (5) times in one of the most conservative districts in the State, twice with no opposition. Additionally, I was elected for two (2) terms to the State Republican Central Committee, and I was elected by my peers and have served six (6) years as the Senate Republican Chairman. Obviously, my constituents and my peers have accepted all these evils you claim I possess.
la state senator tom schedler to c b forgotston