23 February 2006

mitch landrieus kick off speech

**updated 3:30 pm cdt sunday 21 may 2006**
click here for mitch landrieu's 20 may 2006 mayoral concession speech.mp3
**updated 8:24 am cdt monday 24 april 2006**
click here to listen to mitch landrieu's post (22 april) election speech.
today, louisiana weekly writer christopher tidmore gives us his take on mayor of orleans politics with mitch landrieu's announcement. tidmore attended and tells what went on and gives background as he plays clips from the speechs. jim brown is on the show with tidmore for a little while but he sounded pretty rough. brown said that he had just got out of the doctors office and he has a respitory ailment.

the .mp3 sound files are here - http://www.freewebs.com/lurgis/

everyone thinks the upcoming race for mayor of orleans is mitch landrieu's to lose. we disagree, we think that landrieu will draw enough votes away from mayor nagin to give a third and maybe a fourth or even a fifth candidate a good chance to get into the runoff. we dont think that given a good honest chance that even the citizens reportedly 30,000 - 50,000 in number stranded at louisiana's superdome and ernest n morial convention center plus everyone else from orleans will vote for the old guard again. why would they? after being stranded for days and shuffled around the country do you really think they will vote that way ever again? they can see for themselves what the old guard really thought of them when the chips were down and the people needed help. hadnt they always came through in elections before when the old guard counted on them? and now this betrayal.

even though technically its we the peoples fault for voting the way we have in the past we will never blame ourselves, we will take it out on and blame it on our elected officials.

all this voter fraud business the legislature and others cooked up its plain to see that its just a ballot box stuffing exercise. what else could it be? even so if the election is halfway honest because of public attention and interest then the old guard has committed a colossal blunder.

if we were one of the other candidates we would be out every day, every spare moment, meeting people looking them in the eye and shaking hands because the secret to winning elections in spite of slick tv spots and sound bites in spite of radio and newspaper advertisements is this - whoever meets the most people and shakes the most hands wins.

stay tuned