24 February 2006

flip-flop farrar aka the rickster

rep rick farrar

one of the house bills prefiled is house bill 18 by representative rick farrar (d) pineville. by the way we call him flip flop farrar because in the just concluded special session he voted against voter fraud then turned around and voted for it on final passage.

anyway, present law gives an injured party one year to file a civil suit. representative farrar wants to increase the length of time to two years, geeze dont the trial lawyers already have enough to do?

this bill needs to be killed.

oh yeah maybe this has something to do with rep farrar's bill - both rick farrar and his brother todd farrar are trial lawyers. nothing like using your position as a lawmaker to drum up some business eh?

the law as it currently stands: (farrar wants to increase this to two years)



Art. 3492. Delictual actions

Delictual actions are subject to a liberative prescription of one year. This prescription commences to run from the day injury or damage is sustained. It does not run against minors or interdicts in actions involving permanent disability and brought pursuant to the Louisiana Products Liability Act or state law governing product liability actions in effect at the time of the injury or damage.

Acts 1992, No. 621, §1.