15 February 2006

cheney statement on fox news

"ultimately iam the guy who pulled the trigger...that fired the round that hit harry you can talk about all the conditions that existed at the time but thats the bottom line...it was not harrys fault... iam the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend"

"the image of him him falling is something that will never leave my mind...it was i would have to say one of the worst days of my life at that moment"

"struck him right side of his face his neck and his upper torso on the right side of his body" - dick cheney to brit hume.

brit hume i take it you missed the bird.

cheney about katharine armstrong:

"she was an eye witness she saw the whole thing"

raw 1st excerpts from vp cheneys statement released by brit hume and fox news television 1:45 pm central time
for more - see fox news. we cant believe we just said that.
steve clemons has the transcript here.