27 February 2006

farrar trying to axe the town talk again

the other day when we were researching for our post about moon griffon we came across a couple of interesting prefiled house bills and we blogged about the first one here. the other one is house bill 8 its funny because the guy rep farrar defeated carl gunter had a lot of problems with the town talk as well and whether or not carl would have filed a bill like this is something for speculation as he passed away in 1999 long before the internet grew to be the medium that it has. according to the guy that gave carls eulogy, claude "buddy" leach, gunter once threatened governor edwards if he didnt remove joe smith the then town talk publisher from the lsu board of supervisors.

note: farrar was narrowly defeated in 1995 51% to 49% by randy wiggins.
farrar rewon his seat in 1999 defeating pineville lawyer randy tannehill (the seat was open as wiggins ran unsuccessfully for the la senate)
farrar won reelection in 2003 (he beat the bug blaster guy pete ferrington and if he runs again will face a challenger in 2007
so now the rickster is trying to remove the town talk as the paper of record for rapides parish. farrar wants the legal notices published in the town talk, moved to the police jury's website. this probably isnt such a bad idea because the town talk isnt fit for purchase. the town talk used to print the corporate filings the civil suits, bankruptcies and conveyances now they dont print any of it. that doesnt make them fit to purchase at least with our dollar. oh they still print obituaries but the funeral homes usually have that information on their websites anyway.
misplaced priorities
instead, the town talk always has made a big deal out of printing d.w.i's and whether or not everyone in an auto accident was wearing their seatbelt or not. thats funny we thought newspapers job was to report the news not hold themselves out to have some sort of moral authority. ridiculous.

its probably too early in time for farrar's bill to be workable perhaps if the internet was free in everyones home then it would be possible.

so while we are for anything that will drive a stake through the heart of the town talk we cant in good conscience support this bill right now.