02 February 2006

here comes voter fraud again

item 19 in the governors call is starting to get some play on a few talk radio shows this week. we cant understand why the governor etc feels the need to change the voting laws when there are already laws in place for citizens to vote absentee. why create more work for themselves?

they could be shooting themselves in the foot anyway because why on earth would these people vote for them again? we mean look how they were treated in the first place - their homes flooded and destroyed, thousands of them left stranded for days at the superdome and at the convention center. and on and on.

this should have showed them once and for all how when the chips are down how very little the powers that be think of them and this after they have been good lap dogs to them all these years.

they just assume that they will continue to vote and support them like nothing has happened. scary. the only bright spot if this is successful in passing this time is that the old boy network in their wanton hubris failed to take all this into account and their lap dogs finally wake up and turn on them voting them out in droves. hey its our blog we can dream, ok. lol.