28 February 2006

mardi gras 2006

**UPDATE 04 july 2012** with the recent death of andy griffith, we've noticed that a lot of people are googling don knotts and because google does such a lousy job of indexing individual blogspot post pages, google is sending googlers to the link of the entire month of february 2006 archive posts instead of directly to the don knotts post page.

if you arrived here by googling don knotts then you know what we're on about. you may either scroll down to that post or click here to go directly to it.

2006 official mardi gras poster courtesy jazzystuff.com

its fat tuesday so here is our obligatory mardi gras post. not being native new orleanians we really dont understand mardi gras. we live in the wasp part of our state.

this poster also comes by way of jazzystuff.com and this is a good company, a few years ago we ordered from them, for our friends a few of these zydeco alligator mardi gras posters and a few other souvenirs. our copy is framed and hanging in this room right now.